• ROSin Ljubljana

    Summer school for aspiring roboticists will be held in September! Join us in exploring the basics of Robot Operating System (ROS) using custom-designed mobile robots and industrial robots from Fanuc!

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  • Industrial IoT

    Within GOSTOP project, LAKOS has been developing actuators for industrial compressed air systems that learn to work together through communication.

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  • Refurbishment of CNC machine-tools

    The first-ever CNC machine-tool in Slovenia, located in our lab, was refurbished with state-of-the-art drives and controllers from Fanuc.

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Artificial intelligence in manufacturing

Creating smart AI agents and multi-agent systems that learn to predict and control manufacturing processes.

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Monitoring, diagnostic, prognostic

Monitoring, diagnostics, fault prediction, and collaborative platforms supporting operations and maintenance.

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Vision systems for quality and automation

Development of vision systems for quality and automation, their industrialization and remote monitoring.

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Robotic systems and automation

Creating robots and multi-robot systems that learn, developing custom hardware, and ROS-based software.

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About The Research Group

LAKOS research group at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana is the leading research group in the fields of mechatronics, automation, manufacturing cybernetics, manufacturing technologies and systems, and integration of manufacturing and business processes in Slovenia. The group comprises two laboratories:

  • Laboratory for Manufacturing Cybernetics and Experimentation MCE
  • Laboratory for Control and Manufacturing Systems LAKOS
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Latest publications

We strive to publish our research in top international journals, such as:

  • CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology
  • Advanced Engineering Informatics
  • International Journal of Computer Intergrated Manufacturing

As well as prestigious international conferences, such as:

  • CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems
  • Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems
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